Digital Print Swimsuit Fabric

Digital Print Swimsuit Fabric

Your fashion stretch swimwear fabric is whatever you want---customized services is our biggest advantage. All customers need to do is share ideas with us, then fabric and designing will be customized with no MOQ, moreover, sample would be prepared in a quite short time.

Product Details

Digital Print Swimsuit Fabric:

      Digital printing is to input the pattern into the computer through digital form, edit and process it through computerized color separation system (CAD), and then control the micro-piezo nozzle to directly spray or transferred by the paper the desired pattern onto the swimsuit fabric;

Digital printing technology has a major impact on the development of textile fabrics, as follows:

         1.Promote production methods and business models of enterprises

         2. It will satisfy people's individual needs to the greatest extent and improve people's quality of life.

         3. Digital printing will directly promote the development of “green textiles” and “green manufacturing”.


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