Synthetic Leather Suede

Synthetic Leather Suede

Suede is divided into artificial and natural. Due to the current appeals in the society to resist wearing of fur, and the consumer and operator's awareness of protecting wild animals, most of the market is now artificial suede. These artificial suede are as much as wild suede, and many have been modified to make it more suitable for our human skin. The overall look is more natural and uniform, not as rough as wild.

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Product Details

Synthetic Leather Suede-- Amumu Fabric Features: 

       Retro ,stylish and unique;

       Smooth velvet, soft texture and  good drape;

       Full and delicate surface; soft color ; delicate and comfortable hand feeling ;

       Velvet is firm and washable without falling;

      Comfortable and warm, waterproof and breathable;

      Strong decontamination ability.

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