Suede Fabric For Sofa

Suede Fabric For Sofa

Suede is divided into artificial and natural. Due to the current appeals in the society to resist wearing of fur, and the consumer and operator's awareness of protecting wild animals, most of the market is now artificial suede. These artificial suede are as much as wild suede, and many have been modified to make it more suitable for our human skin. The overall look is more natural and uniform, not as rough as wild.

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Suede Fabric For Sofa-----Why? Advantages are as below:

     1. High-end of appearance:  High color and texture, used as a sofa fabric soft, light texture, good touch, suede sofa looks more upscale than fabric sofa;

     2. Unique style: The surface of the suede fabric is exquisite, with a multi-layer structure, soft color, and the suede sofa is more elegant and chic;

    3. Comfortable: The suede fabric is very comfortable, because the surface of the fiber is fine, it has good water absorption, oil absorption, heat insulation and warmth, and it will not feel cold in winter.

    4. Breathability: The suede fabric has a large surface area and a large number of voids. The suede sofa is soft and breathable.


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