Polyester Mesh Net Fabric

Polyester Mesh Net Fabric

Bird eye mesh cloth, we often call it "honeycomb cloth" "bird eye fabric""net fabric"--- is a knitted fabric, weft knitted fabric. It is usually a bird's eye cloth made of polyester. 100% polyester fiber is woven and dyed and finished. Many products are used to produce sports and leisure clothing or home textiles. Bird eye mesh cloth can be well printed with kinds of patterns.

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Polyester Mesh Net Fabric:

     We supply various Polyester Mesh Net Fabrics and knitted fabric for garments ,lining ,compound fabric for sofe leather ,for shoes etc.,with good quality and competitive price.

     1.Sufficient supplies and on-time delivery.

     2. Design and produce fabrics as per clients' requirements.

     3.Available in all sizes and printing designs .Please  enquire for more details.

     4.We can make orders to fulfill your specific requirements.

     5.Colors,design and size are available.

     6.Experienced workers and good service.

     7.We work hard to offer the best quality and service at the most competitive prices.

     8,Packing in rolls

polyester net fabric

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