Most Breathable Fabric

Most Breathable Fabric

Bird eye mesh cloth, we often call it "honeycomb cloth" "bird eye fabric""net fabric"--- is a knitted fabric, weft knitted fabric. It is usually a bird's eye cloth made of polyester. 100% polyester fiber is woven and dyed and finished. Many products are used to produce sports and leisure clothing or home textiles. Bird eye mesh cloth can be well printed with kinds of patterns.

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Most Breathable Fabric-----Dri-fit bird eye fabric:

    Dri-Fit biry eye fabric soaks up the sweat and gets sucked up to the surface and leaves your body feeling dry and clean. The Dri-Fit top remains light and continues performing throughout my exercise regime.  

    Does Dri-Fit suit every exercise style? 

    The answer is yes. It really doesn’t matter if you are a yoga buff or a marathon runner, Dri-Fit outfits aim to keep your mind off the icky feeling when you are exercising and keep your body feeling fresh and raring to go. But one thing to keep in mind is the fit of the Dri-Fit outfit you intend to wear. For a runner, something a little loose is good to give the body some space to move. For gymnasts, or those who do activities that require form-fitting outfits, it’s always best to get a Dri-Fit outfit that suits your workout requirements.

Most Breathable Fabric:

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