Poly Stretch Fabric

Poly Stretch Fabric

Zilean fabric: sweat and dry, providing the lightest cover; Lycra fiber added: comfortable stretch, not prone to deformation; Two-way stretch fabrics: provide the best support, feel the speed and freedom; The latest carbon fiber grinding technology: rich plush surface, soft feeling and comfortable; Green and Health life.

Product Details

Poly Stretch Fabric --Zilean fabric detail data:

      Composition: 83% polyester + 17% spandex

      Weight: 280GSM;       MOQ: 1 meter

      Pattern: optional, custom         Sample: available

Poly Stretch Fabric --Zilean fabric features:

     1. Keep warm: close to the surface of the skin, keep warm and comfortable;

     2. Light : wearing a body can not feel a little burden;

     3. Quick-drying perspiration: excellent sweating and breathability. After the sweat is discharged in winter, it will be air-dried on the surface of the fabric, and the fabric also acts as a barrier layer to prevent body surface heat from being taken away by the cold air when sweat drying.

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