Sports Leggings Material

Sports Leggings Material

Zilean fabric: sweat and dry, providing the lightest cover; Lycra fiber added: comfortable stretch, not prone to deformation; Two-way stretch fabrics: provide the best support, feel the speed and freedom; The latest carbon fiber grinding technology: rich plush surface, soft feeling and comfortable; Green and Health life.

Product Details

Sports Leggings Material---Zilean fabric details:

      As the pace of people's life continues to accelerate, various pressures have followed, and sports have become a decompression method that many young people love. Therefore, a stylish and comfortable sweatpants is essential. 

     In the traditional concept of many people, sports pants have always appeared in a loose and fat image. Although it is convenient for sports, it has no trace of beauty. 

    With the constant evolution of fashion, the current sports pants are more inclined to tight style: Zilean fabric: good stretch, comfortable feeling, colorful and  individualized graphic design looks more youthful and energetic, which  are equally suitable for both sportswear and daily wear.

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