Color Printed Blackout Fabric

Color Printed Blackout Fabric

Zilean fabric: sweat and dry, providing the lightest cover; Lycra fiber added: comfortable stretch, not prone to deformation; Two-way stretch fabrics: provide the best support, feel the speed and freedom; The latest carbon fiber grinding technology: rich plush surface, soft feeling and comfortable; Green and Health life.

Product Details

Color printed blackout fabric--Zilean fabric features:


About the color difference: Due to the slight difference in color caused by the display, setting brightness, lighting, weather, etc., we also carefully correct the color in the later stage, which is subject to the actual object.

Fabrics support personalized flower pattern customization, low-key luxury has connotation

Adopt digital printing process, nano-scale pigment paste, highly reduced primary color, high precision

fashion fabric13% spandex 87% polyestercustom fabric printing

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