Pearl Chiffon Fabric

Pearl Chiffon Fabric

Fabric features: Light and semitransparent, providing the lightest and most elegant cover;      Refreshing, breathable, soft and skin-friendly;      Good drape, no deformation;       Uniform fabric, elastic and extensible;      Wear-resistant, washable, antibacterial

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Pearl Chiffon Fabric---Fabric details:


      Pearl chiffon fabric is a kind of chiffon, also known as chiffon beads. Pearl chiffon fabric has a very clear grainy feel, the weight is much heavier than the average chiffon, in the same number of dresses, The chiffon fabric has a stronger drape and makes the dress look elegant.

     Pearl chiffon fabric is also light and transparent, smooth and soft, cold and elastic, with good breathability, light and clean appearance


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