Fabric Plain Chiffon

Fabric Plain Chiffon

Fabric features: Light and semitransparent, providing the lightest and most elegant cover;      Refreshing, breathable, soft and skin-friendly;      Good drape, no deformation;       Uniform fabric, elastic and extensible;      Wear-resistant, washable, antibacterial

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Fabric Plain Chiffon---Fabric details:


    The warp and weft yarns of fabric plain chiffon are twisted with polyester FDY100D, and then steamed and blanched for special sizing process. The structure of the fabric is changed by plain weave. In addition to the advantages of softness, smoothness, breathability and easy washing, the fabric has better comfort and better drape. The fabric can be dyed, digital printed, embroidered, bronzing, wrinkles, etc. It is one of the ideal fashion fabrics for women in spring and summer fashion.


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