Which Kinds Of Fabrics Are Best For Yoga And Fitness Wear
- Nov 17, 2018 -

Yoga is a kind of stretching exercise, as well as meditation exercise, so the fabric requirements for yoga clothing are also relatively high: Firstly, fabric must be comfortable, no restraint, and elastic is more important; Secondly yoga exercise will sweat a lot, choosing a good fabric can help the sweat to escape, so that the skin is not eroded by the toxic substances contained in the sweat. Lastly, Breathable fabric, when the sweat is discharged, the clothes will not cling to the skin, reducing discomfort. If you choose a bad fabric, you may tearing, deformation or revealed when stretching. This is not only bad for practicing yoga, but also affects your own mood.

  Generally speaking, yoga and fitness wearing clothes are made of pure cotton, cotton, nylon, polyester fabric:

   1.Pure cotton, cheaper price, easy to deformation and balling.

   2.Cotton and linen, low cost, too easy to wrinkle.

   3.Polyester, light, cool, but does not absorb sweat and is not sweaty. When it is hot, it is easy to feel body odor.

  4.Nylon, sweat wicking, shaping, no ball, no deformation, but expensive and single color, not convenient for the current popular personalized customization.

   The latest Zilean fabric developed by our company in 2018 has the following characteristics:

     1. The main composition is polyester : light and thin, cool, no deformation, no wrinkles, no balling;

     2. Lycra fiber added: high elasticity, comfort, no deformation and balling: Lycra is quite different from traditional elastic fiber, in that it can stretch up to 500% and can return to the original. That is to say, the fiber can be stretched very easily, but it can be attached to the surface of the human body after being recovered, and the binding force to the human body is quite small. Lycra fiber can be used with any fabric to increase the fit, elasticity and loose natural characteristics of the fabric. Moreover, unlike most spandex yarns, Lycra has a special chemical structure that does not grow mildew in a wet-heat sealed space after wet water.

    3. Carbon fiber sanding treatment: moisture wicking, soft and breathable;

    4. Digital printing, personalized customization, no order quantity requirements

    5. The price is cheaper than nylon spandex fabric.

    Kindly pls find below some photos for referance: