What Kind Of Fabric Is Good For Swimsuits?
- Aug 20, 2018 -

What kind of fabric is good for swimsuits?

    What kind of fabric is good for swimwear? The most basic fabrics for swimwear are only three kinds of DuPont Lycra, nylon and polyester. Tell you about it separately:

    1. DuPont Lycra: It is a kind of artificial elastic fiber, the best elastic fabric, which can extend to 4~6 times of the original length. It has excellent extension and is suitable for blending with various fibers. It can strengthen the texture and crease. . DuPont Lycra with anti-chlorine ingredients will give swimwear a longer life than regular swimwear. It is too expensive.

DuPont Lycra.jpg

    2, Nylon Fabric: Although the texture is not as solid as the Lycra fabric, but the softness of softness has been comparable to Lycra. Currently the most commonly used fabric for swimwear, suitable for mid-priced products. The Price is middle between Lycra and Polyester Fabric.

Nylon Fabric.jpeg

    3, Polyester Fabric: elastic fabric for one-way, two-way stretch. Due to limited elastic, most of them are used in swimming trunks or female swimming splits, which is not suitable for the one-piece model. Fabrics that can be partially spliced or used in low unit price strategies.It is cheapest.

Polyester Fabric.jpeg