What Fabrics Are Good For Sportswear?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Sports fabric - cotton cloth
For aerobic exercise, the cotton sportswear has the advantages of sweat absorption, breathability, quick-drying, etc. The cotton sportswear can exhale well and take away the discomfort caused by sweating during exercise.
Sports fabric - velvet
Perfectly set off the slim body shape, long leg lines, a variety of colors are dazzling, all kinds of star upper body also give us the reason to start! Orange Zi always emphasizes comfort and fashion, and sets off the luxury sports style.
Sports fabric - knitted cotton
In addition to the two just mentioned, the most common one is of course knitted fabrics. Knitted cotton is very light and thin, breathable, flexible and easy to stretch. It is the best partner for sports, and its price is not expensive. It is suitable for all the girls who want to pursue a good body.

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