Velcro Mop Head

Velcro Mop Head

Due to its small diameter, microfiber has small bending stiffness, particularly soft fiber feeling, strong cleaning function and breathable effect. The ultrafine fibers have many fine pores between the microfibers, form a capillary structure, are processed into a ground drag, and a towel-like fabric has high water absorption.

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Velcro Mop Head:


    Thoroughly and Quickly Dusts Any Hard Floor Surface - Dust, dander, dirt and pet hair are no match for our velcro microfiber mop head. Easily attracts negatively charged dry messes on your hard floor surfaces with its positively charged microfibers - leave nothing behind!

    Cover More Area in Less Time - Cut your cleaning time in half with this larger size, get the floor duster and move on to the next task

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