Disposable Microfibre Mopheads

Disposable Microfibre Mopheads

Disposable Microfibre Mopheads features: Corki mop:  Super water absorbent, strong adsorption of hair, dust ,making the cleaning is more convenient; Durable and not easy to break, no cotton wool; High piece weight, microfiber plus wave cleaning texture, make cleaning more thoroughly  Disposable and antibacterial , easy to load and unload, healthy and environmentally friendly;

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Disposable Microfibre Mopheads---- products features:

     For washable mophead, it is very likely that many mops will be mixed together for cleaning. Although the cleaning company will try to classify the mop according to the mop application environment, the customer's cleaning solution or the industry, who will not guarantee that the cleaning company can fully understand how to control the environment and avoiding contaminan contacting with the mop. For example, when dealing with non-sterile mops, they even use a non-controlled area cleaning process rather than a clean room cleaning process, resulting in a wide range of potential cross-contamination.

     Another important issue is the quality of the mop. For a disposable mop,each mop is newly produced, so even after a long time, the quality of the mop is exactly the same as when it was initially evaluated and verified. The performance and quality of recycled mops will inevitably decline over time.

Disposable  Mop Head

Easy Clean Mop Head


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