Disposable Flat Mops

Disposable Flat Mops

Magic Mop Online Shopping features: Corki mop:  Super water absorbent, strong adsorption of hair, dust ,making the cleaning is more convenient; Durable and not easy to break, no cotton wool; High piece weight, microfiber plus wave cleaning texture, make cleaning more thoroughly  Disposable and antibacterial , easy to load and unload, healthy and environmentally friendly;

Product Details

Disposable Flat Mops---- Quick details:

      Disposable flat mops are made from new materials that provide consistent product performance and using effects, which will be discard after using.The next time when you use, it is brand new. 

     Every time new materials are used, unknown,potential environmental changes and pollution will be reduced, which is quite important for  maintaining the sterile environment, aseptic production and so on.

    Disposable  Mop Head

Easy Clean Mop Head


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