Pilates Fitness Yoga Blanket

Pilates Fitness Yoga Blanket

Pilates Fitness Yoga Blanket features: fine micro-wool surface,soft and skin-friendly;Dust-proof and instantly absorption on sweat, which effectively inhibits bacterial growth;highlight Personality;Food grade silicone dots, strong slip-resistance, tasteless and environmentally friendly;No fading, machine washable

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Pilates Fitness Yoga Blanket-- General informations:   

     1. Spread on a yoga mat to absorb sweat. (Be aware that when doing yoga exercises, the body will discharge a lot of sweat and drip on the yoga mat.

If the paste is uncomfortable, use this highly absorbent cloth to spread on the yoga mat to effectively absorb sweat.

     2. Prevent the inhalation of bacteria on the yoga mat to prevent some facial movements from approaching the yoga mat and inhaling bacteria or dust mites when doing yoga.

     3. The capillary adsorption effect unique to the microfiber makes the fabric have the characteristics of fast water absorption and fast drying.

     4. There are anti-slip rubber particles on the back, which can make the cloth towel fixed on the mat without sliding, effectively supporting the stretching and balance of yoga movement.

Improve sports safety and comfort. During the movement, the unevenness of the rubber particles has a good massage effect on the sole of the foot and the back, and promotes blood circulation.

    5. Lightweight, versatile and easy to carry.

    6. Machine washable and easy to clean.

Pilates Fitness Yoga Blanket-- Towel photos:

yoga towel

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