Microfiber Soft Yoga Towel

Microfiber Soft Yoga Towel

Microfiber Soft Yoga Towel features: fine micro-wool surface,soft and skin-friendly;Dust-proof and instantly absorption on sweat, which effectively inhibits bacterial growth;highlight Personality;Food grade silicone dots, strong slip-resistance, tasteless and environmentally friendly;No fading, machine washable

Product Details

Microfiber Soft Yoga Towel---Non Slip Sweat-Absorbent Yoga Mat Towel

Why we made this?

       We made this absorbent and lightweight microfibre towel to complement your daily workout.

How to use Microfiber Soft Yoga Towel ?

      The correct method of use is that the side containing the glue point is in contact with the yoga mat and the other side is in contact with the human body. The side containing the glue dot is in contact with the mat to prevent slipping, and the other side is used to absorb sweat. 

      There are two types of yoga toweling, one is a resin glue yoga towel, and the other is a silicone yoga towel. Compared with silicone cloth, the price of silicone cloth towel is higher than that of resin glue cloth. On the surface, the rubber dots of the silicone cloth are transparent and feel a cool feeling. The rubber glue towel dot is opaque. Compared with the silica gel, the rubber particles are slightly harder and the fabric is microfiber.

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