Hot Yoga Towel

Hot Yoga Towel

Hot Yoga Towel features: fine micro-wool surface,soft and skin-friendly;Dust-proof and instantly absorption on sweat, which effectively inhibits bacterial growth;highlight Personality;Food grade silicone dots, strong slip-resistance, tasteless and environmentally friendly;No fading, machine washable

Product Details

Hot Yoga Towel---Necessities for yoga

      When in the hot yoga exercise with a lot of sweating, a microfiber, non-slip yoga towel will make the yoga mat lasting and clean.

Silicone slip resistant:

      Silica gel is a biomaterial used in cosmetic surgery. It has good compatibility with non-irritation, no irritating to human tissues, no toxicity, no allergic reaction, and few rejection reactions. It has good physical and chemical properties. It is a fairly stable inert substance that can maintain its original elastic gold and softness during body fluid contact and tissue contact without degradation.

Portable Yoga Mat Cover--Towel photos:

yoga towel mat

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