Best Microfiber Bath Towel

Best Microfiber Bath Towel

Microfibers can absorb 7 times their own weight of dust, particles, and liquids, and have a strong cleaning ability. The gap between the filaments can absorb dust, grease, and dirt until it is washed away with water or soap or detergent. These voids also absorb a large amount of water, so the microfibers have a strong water absorption. Moreover, since it is only stored in the void, it can be quickly dried, so that the growth of bacteria can be effectively prevented. Therefore, towels made of microfiber are widely used in household daily use (dry hair towel, dry hair cap, bath towel), household cleaning (dishwashing, wiping table, wiping the floor, etc.), car care (car wash, rubbing) Car), beauty salon industry, sweat towel, gifts and advertising.

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Best Microfiber Bath Towel:

     Some towels have insufficient water absorption and cannot completely dry their bodies after bathing;

     Some towels, like the sandpaper,feels so hard and the skin is sore and painful when using;

     Some towels are not easy to dry, and will become yellow and stinky after a certain time.

Microfiber bath towel: Microfiber material absorbs 7 times of cotton material, durability is 5 times that of ordinary materials, breathability is stronger than ordinary cloth, natural antibacterial and not stinky, which is known as : "breathing" Fiber.

Microfiber bath towel fabric is soft and lint-free, feels delicate and comfortable, skin-friendly and non-stick.

Microfiber Bath Towel, your must-have towel for household

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