Shibori Print Beach Towel

Shibori Print Beach Towel

Printed microfiber beach towel features: Fast and strong water absorption, quick-dry,compressed and easy to fold up and pack;machine washable and would not hold smell,antibacterial;thin and light weight,pleasant to body with multi-purpose; wear-resistant, would not balling-up,sand free;

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Shibori Print Beach Towel---Towel features:

      Shibori: Different from the traditional dyeing process, it has begun to physically prevent the fabric from being dyed before dyeing, including strapping, stitching, folding, twisting, clamping, pressing and the like. Each method creates a beautiful and extraordinary visual design on the surface of the cloth. In addition to the different fabric properties and techniques of different materials, Shibori dyeing has unlimited possibilities and unknown beauty.

     Shibori is now not only an old, well-versed indigo-dyed handicraft in Japan, but is now widely used in modern mass production: designers use CAD digital printing technology to simulate Shibori dyeing and print patterns on beach towels features fringed hems : Fashionable, unique, and elegant, warm.You are the best scenery on the beach!

Shibori Print Beach Towel---towel photos:

Shibori design towel

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