Personalised Kids Beach Towels

Beach towel specifications: The material is Microfiber polyester or polyester and polyamide. You can customize your own fabric. The microfiber has strong absorbent, It is light-weight and super dry. Not only it is a towel, but also is a gift because we can provide custom design. You can send us your logo or photo, or we can design for you. You can use them in home, hotel, gym, kitchen, beach, airplane, etc. Only you can’t imagine, There is nothing we can’t do.

Product Details


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1. Do you have color card?

Yes, we have the color card. And you can tell me the pantone, I will choose the specific color to you.

2. How can you promise the samples is what I really want to get?

Don't worry about that, If you can't satisfied this, you can tell me the specific problem about the printing fabric and then I will give you a free sample which is promoted and we will pay the freight cost.

3. If I'm an adult or a kid, How can I choose the size to make?

I recommend you can choose the 70x140 size for adult, It is popular and normal size.

For kids, You can choose 50x100, Whatever, It depends on your requirement and customers.

4. What can I test the absorption?

You can drop a water and use a stopwatch to time.

5. What's your towel's advantage?

It have strong water absorption, and softer than the usual.

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