Laminated / Composite fabrics
- Feb 12, 2019 -


    1, the concept of composite fabric

     The composite fabric is also called a laminated fabric or a pressed fabric. The English name Laminated fabric is a new fabric that combines two kinds of fabrics or more with a film and a fabric to obtain both advantages.

The structure of the composite fabric has a two-layer structure, a three-layer structure, a four-layer structure, and the like, and is judged according to the combination between the fabrics or the combination of the fabric and the film.

     2, the characteristics of composite fabric

         1) It is more sturdy and durable. For example, soft knitted fabrics are only suitable for casual wear or inner wear. After compounding, they can be more widely used in outerwear fabrics.

        2) More warmth, such as three-layer composite fabric.

        3) It can be waterproof and rainproof, making the person wearing it feel dry and comfortable.

       4) Through the composite, the fabric breaks through the limitation of the single layer and is given more functions such as windproof, rainproof and moisture permeable.

    3. Production and processing methods of composite fabrics

      The composite fabric is formed by laminating the selected cloth, lining, and film.

      The hot melt adhesive is used for bonding between the cloth, the lining and the film. Generally, the bonding process is irreversible and must be successful once. There may be some problems in the processing, such as the poor fastness of the fabric, the easy tearing of the fabric, or the wrinkles when the fit is made, and the breathability is not up to standard.

       The face cloth and the lining can be randomly combined according to the existing textile fabrics, and different combinations can realize different functions of the fabric; the film can be selected from materials such as TPU and ePTFE according to the ventilation requirement.

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