Fabrics which suitable for digital printing
- Oct 16, 2018 -

  Fabric characteristics

  Polyester fabric is equivalent to other fabrics because its elasticity is stronger than any fiber; its strength and wear resistance are better, and the fabric it weaves is not only three or four times stronger than other fibers, but also stiff and not easily deformed. It has the reputation of “free of hot”; the heat resistance of polyester is also strong; it has good chemical stability, and it will not interact with weak acid, weak alkali and oxidant at normal temperature.

1. Sturdy and durable, because the chemical fiber fabric is a polymer fabric, the density of the fabric is large, and the relative fastness is relatively large, which is often said to be very strong.

2. Easy care, anti-wrinkle and non-scalding, even if the chemical fiber fabric is smashed into a ball, the folds are small, or there are no wrinkles.

3. The production cost is low, and it can be industrialized and mass-produced, and the price of raw materials is also lower than that of raw materials of natural fibers.

4. Simulation, imitating natural fiber, has better moisture absorption and comfort, and even more comfortable than some natural fibers.

5. More individuality, modern textile processing technology, make chemical fiber fabrics have unique characteristics such as flame retardancy, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, wear resistance, high elasticity and antibacterial properties.