Autumn polyester-ammonia stretch fabrics partially traded smoothly
- Sep 05, 2018 -

    Recently, the local fabrics of the autumn textile fabrics in China Textile City Market have been relatively smooth. The autumn and winter polyester-polyester fabrics have been added to the market, and the spot has been launched in multiple varieties. The local transactions have been relatively active, and the sales volume of polyester-ammonia stretch fabrics has been increasing. In the shock, it rose slightly.

    In the recent market, the number of autumn stretch fabrics has increased, and the amount of spot stocks has also increased. In order to avoid the similar risks of similar products, the operating risks of customers are reduced. Matching and weaving styles take a different approach. Because this series of products are produced by the weaving manufacturers in Xiaoshao area by spray weaving and rapier machine, the output and delivery of the products are relatively fast. Some large-scale companies with production enterprises, front-and-back stores and large-scale sales and sales of charter machines occupy the market advantage. These operators have certain product research and development strengths, and new style fabrics have a fast time to market, so they have counterparts. More. Among them, 150D (DTY+FDY) composite wire holds 40D spandex four-sided bomb, 200DDTY holds 40D spandex four-sided bomb, 100DDTY+100D (DTY+FDY) composite silk holds 40D spandex four-sided bomb, 100DDTY+100DDTY holds 40D spandex four-sided bomb and other conventional Most of the polyester-stained stretch fabrics have sales outlets. With 150DDTY holding cationic wire and holding special silk to hold 40D spandex warp and weft double-stranded line, it is also popular with the customers in the autumn. The spot price of the public is stable and falling, and the price of some new style fabrics is basically stable.

    In the past few days, the fashionable autumn elastic fabric has a cationic four-sided elastic localization with raw material composition ratio and weaving style to win, with 150D cationic DTY holding 108D triangle light-shaped silk holding 40D spandex four-sided elastic hemp and 32S cotton yarn Holding 200D cationic FDY filament four-sided bomb, 200D cationic DTY holding 40D spandex four-sided bomb and 100DDTY low-elastic black silk holding 100D triangle light-shaped FDY network silk four-sided bomb, compared with the similar fabric gloss of slightly better fabrics, quite Welcomed by the counterpart customers.

    Recently, the partial sales of polyester polyester stretch fabrics in autumn have been quite smooth. The various color fabrics made mainly for men's and women's trousers in autumn have attracted the customers of counterpart garment manufacturers to order in multiple varieties. Some of the textile and fabrics of the former textile and fabric company of China Textile City have attracted different customers to differentiate their products with different types of fabrics. The sales of autumn spandex stretch fabrics in autumn are partially smooth.