2018 Autumn and Winter Home Textiles Exhibition: The future commercial ecological prelude has been opened!
- Sep 03, 2018 -

At the 2018 Autumn and Winter Home Textiles Exhibition, we feel that the prelude to the future commercial ecology has been opened!

Consumers move from consumer consumption to service-oriented consumption. Consumers need more fashionable products, more cutting-edge fashion, intelligent life, scene-based experience, and omni-channel barrier-free shopping...

Home textile enterprises also start from the market, achieve integration, fission, regeneration, continuous product upgrades, service upgrades, channel upgrades, and technology upgrades, so that business is no longer wired or offline, no old economy and new economy, from Cross-border gradually unbounded

Next, let us come to the exhibition together, from a multi-dimensional perspective to understand how the fabric moves from cross-border to unbounded.

Service unbounded

The current market requires enterprises to have product marketing capabilities, and also requires enterprises to have the ability to integrate resources, and to continuously improve the service level, which requires enterprises to start from production-oriented enterprises and to the production service-oriented enterprises. From the home textile exhibition, we can see that this trend is becoming more and more obvious. Enterprises that have realized small batches and varieties and personalized customizations are constantly emerging. The production methods, marketing methods, channel expansion and service levels have also undergone tremendous changes.

Providing products too monotonous

It is now popular to provide a complete solution

Home textile products are currently developing from low-end mass consumption to high-end personalization. Home textile enterprises seize this feature in a timely manner and continuously increase their input power to develop personalized custom-made curtain fabrics.

In the past two years, Babe has focused on solving the contradiction that traditional manufacturers prefer a single variety, a large number of orders and the actual needs of customers, and the number of single varieties is small. Wang Feng, assistant president of Zhejiang Babe Textile Co., Ltd. said that Babe has been able to achieve fast delivery of multiple varieties and small quantities of orders. In the business model, the passive form of the traditional customer-selected product order is converted into targeted development, providing a proactive model of a complete solution. This exhibition brings a full range of newly developed furniture fabrics and curtain fabrics. There are more than 200 patterns, mainly light colors, light luxury style, weak luster, strong texture, low-key but not simple. Can give customers more choices.

Open custom services under big data

Nowadays, this society is the era of big data on the Internet. It just gives us a new development opportunity. Only through big data to analyze customer needs, such customization is the last word that is more in line with market demand.

Jin Hao is firmly grasping this survival rule, keeping up with the pace of the Internet era, making full use of the comprehensive, rapid and multi-faceted advantages of big data, promoting the franchise stores of VR software such as Cool Jiale, through the analysis of big data. To achieve, they use the shortest time and the lowest cost to present the best solution to the customer. Just like the Senda shoes, the cost of customizing a pair of shoes is almost the same as the cost of mass production.

Talking about how to solve the contradiction between standardization and personalized customization, Yang Wei, president of Jinhao Curtain, said that the company and the franchise store first unified the measurement standards and the ordering standards, and secondly unified production standards to ensure that the customized curtains were all in accordance with a unified process. . Production processes and processes are standardized, and design and fabric selection are personalized. On the basis of respecting the diversified choices of customers' individuality, we use standardized production to ensure product quality.

Technology unbounded flexible production

In the future China, large-scale production, low-cost labor-intensive industries will move out in large numbers, and small-volume, customized flexible manufacturing capacity will become the mainstream of China's manufacturing industry.

Haiyue Dream Textile Group, which focuses on home textile research and development, manufacturing and sales for 26 years, has formed a complete industrial chain. Ni Chen, the president of the group, spoke at the TOP matchmaking meeting held at the 2018 Autumn and Winter Home Textiles Exhibition. Dream has always attached great importance to technological transformation and innovation. It is the first home textile enterprise to invest in fully automated equipment in China. It is also a home textile enterprise that has invested in intelligent manufacturing in China. It can realize 3D modeling, flexible manufacturing, intelligent warehousing, and customized customized large-scale production. You can supply thousands of sets within one day and ensure accurate delivery. At present, we are actively developing a modern factory with intelligent individuality customization. After the completion of the project, we will finally realize the large-scale production of domestic and foreign household products and the integration of individualized and customized multi-variety and small-volume production.

smart life 

People have unlimited and wonderful imaginations about the future of smart life. How to use the Internet of Things technology to turn intelligent design of future life into a smart life application that can be used. Come to this autumn home textile exhibition, you will have a deeper understanding of smart life! The global high-end industry brands in the exhibition: American Lutron, France Shangfei and famous enterprises jointly create the wisdom ● Life ● Future Theme Pavilion, showing the integration technology of mute technology, lighting and sunshade linkage technology, window decoration and smart home...

And held the "Chi·Life·Future" theme forum, the industry's digital coffee gathering, for three consecutive days with the Internet, smart home, space design as the topic, a total of "the Internet era curtain finished and the development of window shade products" And the development of the sunshade window decoration industry in the context of the development of smart homes, talk about the future of home textiles. The audience was deeply encouraged and applause continued.

Brand unbounded

At present, the fabric brands in the Chinese market are rarely known to consumers. The brand image of fabric manufacturers can only be established among wholesalers and retailers in the circulation field. It is not easy to build a brand with cloth. However, with the platform of the exhibition, the brand-oriented C-end fabric brand has been launched, which has great significance for the branding of the fabric.