In 2013, the company was awarded “Haining City Credit Enterprise”.

In the past 7 years, we have been insisting on the basis of honesty, relying on stable product quality and delivery time to make orders continue. We pay great attention to the protection of intellectual property rights of customers' products and the confidentiality of resource information. And directly signed confidentiality and inventory agreements with European and American customers, and trustworthy management, with the enthusiasm, thoughtful and meticulous service to win the trust of customers, and also make our cooperation continue and develop steadily.


The company is a professional team of 15 employees with relevant foreign trade experience. Managers have 6-10 years of experience in import and export trade. More than 80% of sales staff have English level 6. It is now divided into two business units according to different products. Business, assistant, documentary, documentary, financial, fully equipped, clear division of labor. The company's personnel have rich experience in exhibiting: Canton Fair China Fair and other domestic and international exhibition experience.


In 2014, the company obtained the green leaf logo environmental certificate issued by INTERTEK, the world's largest inspection company. All products are green and environmentally friendly through rigorous environmental testing.

The company firmly established its brand awareness. Its own brands include: MICROFINE and milk bubbles, and designed a series of matching brand packaging. While pushing the products to the European and American markets, the products gradually introduce a relatively blank domestic fashion household goods market, guiding consumers to change the consumption concept. The company has cooperated with major shopping malls and supermarkets in China, and has successively settled in Yintai, Hualian, and Haikou supermarkets, allowing Chinese people to take the lead in using advanced products from abroad. Not only can OEM be used, but also can directly enter the foreign market with their own brands.


The company has its own design and development personnel and dedicated equipment, with certain research and development capabilities, to provide customers with some products that are scarce in the market. For example, we have improved the sewing technology provided by German customers, and equipped with synchronous devices on the equipment, which greatly improved the use intensity of the products, greatly prolonged the service life of the products, won the recognition of customers, and the orders continued.