Polyester Cationic Fabric

Polyester Cationic Fabric

The cationic fabric is a polyester fabric. Generally, the cationic yarn is used in the warp direction, and the ordinary polyester yarn is used in the weft direction. Sometimes, in order to achieve a better imitation effect, the polyester and the cationic component fibers are blended, and when dyed, The dye is used separately, the ordinary dye is used for the polyester yarn, and the cationic dye is used for the cationic yarn, and the cloth surface effect has a two-color effect.

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Polyester Cationic Fabric--Fabric features:

     1. Anti wrinkle, non-ironing;

     2. Soft, comfortable,no sence of  restraint, leisure fabric;

     3. Colorful: rich colors to satisfy different requirements;

     4. Tidy and clean fabric, clear texture, high elasticity;

     5. Breathable fabric:  moisture absorption and perspiration, quick dry;

     6. Comfortable,tear resistance, Wear-resisting;

     7. Good heat resistance, anti-harmful light, avoid of sunburn;

     8. Environmental.

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cationic fabric

spandex fabric

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