Yoga Wear Fabric

Yoga Wear Fabric

Nylon spandex fabric is the most kind of yoga wear fabric now. Our fabric is knitted by imported weft knitting machine.The yarn is made of micro nylon and high elasticity spandex. Because of the fabric’s own softness, delicateness, Skin affinity, high stretch and ductility, high elasticity, good wrapping, excellent resilience,it’s a high-grade fabric for yoga, tights, sports bras and other tight sportswear etc.

Product Details

Yoga wear fabric----main types:

   Pure cotton: cheap price, easy to pilling and deforming;

   Cotton and linen: low cost performance,  too easy to wrinkle.

   Polyester: fabric similar to a swimsuit fabric, light , thin and cool, but not sweaty;

   Nylon: fabric is  sweating,  body-shaping, no ball, no deformation.

Yoga wear fabric- Jintian nylon spandex fabric characteristics:

    Lastet sanding process:light, soft, skin affinity, no sense of restraint, anti-pilling, no hair down;

    Lycra fiber: Super high elasticity, not easily deformed, anti-static, moisture absorption,leisure fashion;

   High grade spandex material: not easy to wrinkle,  Wear-resisting, easy washing, quick drying.  


Jintian Yoga wear fabric----Fabric photos:

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