Nylon Spandex Swimsuit Fabric

Nylon Spandex Swimsuit Fabric

Nylon Lycra Spandex Fabric is the most kind of yoga wear fabric now. Our fabric is knitted by imported weft knitting machine.The yarn is made of micro nylon and high elasticity spandex. Because of the fabric’s own softness, delicateness, Skin affinity, high stretch and ductility, high elasticity, good wrapping, excellent resilience,it’s a high-grade fabric for yoga, tights, sports bras and other tight sportswear etc.

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Nylon Spandex Swimsuit Fabric:

      Nylon is the world's first synthetic fiber that has been successfully synthesized. Because of its excellent performance and abundant raw material resources, it can be widely exploited.

      Spandex is a man-made fiber, which is an elastic fiber. Its elasticity is very good, it can be pulled down 6 to 7 times under normal conditions and recover as the tension disappears.

      The advantage of Nylon Spandex Swimwear fabric is that it is bright in color, comfortable to wear, flexible, and it does not deform after wearing it many times. It is quick to wash, wash well, and dry.

Nylon Spandex Swimsuit Fabric---Fabric photos:

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