Four Way Stretch Flocking Fabric

Four Way Stretch Flocking Fabric

Nylon Lycra Spandex Fabric is the most kind of yoga wear fabric now. Our fabric is knitted by imported weft knitting machine.The yarn is made of micro nylon and high elasticity spandex. Because of the fabric’s own softness, delicateness, Skin affinity, high stretch and ductility, high elasticity, good wrapping, excellent resilience,it’s a high-grade fabric for yoga, tights, sports bras and other tight sportswear etc. Flocking is the method of vertically fixing a short fiber (typically 0.03 to 0.5 cm in length) to an adhesive-coated substrate.

Product Details

Four Way Stretch Flocking Fabric-- Fabric details:

    Width: 150cm, weight: 200gsm

    Structure: nylon spandex + flocking


Fabric characteristics:

    Delicate, smooth, infinite elasticity, traceless;

    Good body-building effect, can change the body defects significantly, sweat absorption, easy to wash;

    Cool in summer and warm in winter.

Usage: sports underwear, sports pants, body shape etc.

Four Way Stretch Flocking Fabric-- Fabric photos:

stretch  fabric

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