Elastane Nylon Swimwear Fabric

Elastane Nylon Swimwear Fabric

Swimwear fabric is almost lycra fabric,:polyester/spandex, nylon/spandex.Material is what you really want to, customize is the best choice. Popular fabric is 85% polyester 15% spandex. The printing pattern you can provide to me or we can design for you.

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Elastane Nylon Swimwear Fabric:


     Swimwear refer to special clothes for women swimming, as well as male swimsuits.        Swimwears are generally made of textile fabrics that do not sag and do not swell: polyester ammonia, brilliance and DuPont Lycra.

     Nylon fabrics are medium in price, although not as solid as DuPont Lycra fabrics, but the elasticity and softness are comparable. After being made into a swimsuit, people can flexibly move with the body movement; it is now the most common swimsuit fabric used by people.

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