80% Nylon 20%Spandex Fabric

80% Nylon 20%Spandex Fabric

Swimwear fabric is almost lycra fabric,:polyester/spandex, nylon/spandex.Material is what you really want to, customize is the best choice. Popular fabric is 85% polyester 15% spandex. The printing pattern you can provide to me or we can design for you.

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80% Nylon 20%Spandex Fabric:


    Properties and Uses Nylon
    Nylon does not absorb water- this is great for some uses, but also means that nylon fabric and movement combine to create static electricity.

Nylon has some of the look and feel of silk. It is used in sheer hosiery, sails, parachutes, blouses, gowns and veils, swimsuits, lingerie, and even car tires. Nylon has also replaced wool as the fiber most used in carpets. A process called air-texturing adds bulk to the nylon to make it useful as a floor covering.

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