Nylon Mesh Fabric

Nylon Mesh Fabric

Fabric having a mesh-shaped small hole is a mesh cloth. Different mesh fabrics can be woven with different equipments, mainly organic woven mesh fabric and knitted mesh fabric. Flocking is the method of vertically fixing a short fiber (typically 0.03 to 0.5 cm in length) to an adhesive-coated substrate.

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     Mesh fabrics are usually made of polyester or nylon, and in terms of face value, the two types of meshes do not appear to be so different. Both synthetic materials can be used for similar applications, but there are differences between the two types of fabrics. Nylon is made of polyamide, and polyester is made of polyester material, and it can also be made of plant material. Therefore, polyester is more fibrous when touched, while nylon feels like silk. Nylon is more elastic than polyester. Nylon is more durable than polyester, so it may be a better choice for items that have a lot of wear and tear.

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nylon mesh fabrics

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