Mesh Velvet Flocking Fabric

Mesh Velvet Flocking Fabric

Fabric having a mesh-shaped small hole is a mesh cloth. Different mesh fabrics can be woven with different equipments, mainly organic woven mesh fabric and knitted mesh fabric. Flocking is the method of vertically fixing a short fiber (typically 0.03 to 0.5 cm in length) to an adhesive-coated substrate.

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Mesh Velvet Flocking Fabric--Principle of flocking

       Because of physical properties of charge homosexual reciprocal attraction, the fluff is negatively charged, and the object that needs flocking is placed under zero potential or grounding condition, and the villus is attracted by the plant body. The vertical acceleration accelerates to the surface of the object to be flocked, and the villi are vertically adhered to the plant body due to the adhesive applied to the plant body.

Mesh Velvet Flocking Fabric--Fabric Usage:


       Wedding dresses, bags, dresses, tablecloths,leisure clothes, home decoration, home textiles,Sports elastic clothes.

Mesh Velvet Flocking Fabric--Fabric detail features:

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