Flocking Mesh Fabric

Flocking Mesh Fabric

Fabric having a mesh-shaped small hole is a mesh cloth. Different mesh fabrics can be woven with different equipments, mainly organic woven mesh fabric and knitted mesh fabric. Flocking is the method of vertically fixing a short fiber (typically 0.03 to 0.5 cm in length) to an adhesive-coated substrate.

Product Details

Flocking Mesh Fabric---Fabric overview:

     Width: 155cm, weight: 145gsm

     Yarn count: DTY75D/36F


Flocking Mesh Fabric--Fabric characteristics: 

      Strong stereo, colorful, soft hand feel, luxury, noble, gorgeous and warm, vivid, non-toxic and odorless, heat preservation and moisture-proof, lint free, friction resistance, smooth and seamless. Flocking is added to the mesh surface, which is not limited by the shape and size of the implanted body.


Flocking Mesh Fabric--Fabric photos:

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