Warm Fleece Jacket Fabric

Warm Fleece Jacket Fabric

Warm fleece jacket fabric combines knitting fabric and fleece,warm, soft, comfortable and washable. It has good composite fastness and wear-resistance.

Product Details

Bonded fabrics are  new types of fabrics which are made of one or more layers of textile materials, non-woven materials and other functional materials by bonding.

Warm fleece jacket fabric--Bonded fabric characteristics:

1. The fabric is made of cationic dyed polyester composite yarn.The bamboo joint effect meet the requirements of people’s seeking fashion,healthy and environmental protection idea;.

2. Rich colors,air permeability and moisture permeability.  Good warmth retention effect because of the double layer composite structure;

3. Feel soft and comfortable, good abrasion resistance;

4. Antistatic,bushed inner layer without any friction noise;

5. Good function and antibacterial.

Warm fleece jacket fabric----fabric photos:

Our company;

our company

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